AREA 17150 – Pathophysiological Mechanisms of the Visual and Audio-Vestibular Systems

ROO 5713Didactic and Pedagogical Aspects in Clinical-Surgical Specialties

ROO 5741Basic Biostatistics

ROO5751 – How to Plan, Conduct and Write Prospective Clinical Studies

ROO 5744Advanced course in medical teaching.

ROO 5732Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in the Regulation of the Ocular Surface and Lacrimal Gland

ROO 5740Scientific Methodology

ROO 5719Teaching Methodology in Small Groups

ROO5750Retinal and Vitreous Research Models

ROO 5709Ototoxicity, Otoprotection, and Cochlear-Vestibular Regeneration

ROO5738 – Writing and Reviewing Scientific Articles

ROO 5746Seminars on Hearing, Smell, and Vision Sciences

ROO 5747Seminars on Hearing, Smell, and Vision Sciences II

ROO 5745Virus and Gene Therapy for Eye and Exocrine Gland Diseases

ROO5750Retinal and Vitreous Research Models

AREA 17151 – Morphophysiology of Facial Structure

ROO 5740Scientific Methodology

ROO 5725New Mediators of the Rhinosinusal Mucosa Polypoid Reaction

ROO 5730  Research Perspectives on Orofacial Behaviors

ROO5748Research and Innovations in Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Head and Neck Surgery

ROO5749 Oral Communication Techniques and Audiovisual Resources for Presentations



“All students enrolled in the graduate program must take at least one didactics, one methodology, and one statistics discipline as mandatory disciplines” (Minimum Nuclear Curriculum).

Minimum Nuclear curriculum disciplines offered by the Program



ROO 5740 – Scientific Methodology



ROO5713 – Didactic and Pedagogical Aspects in Clinical-Surgical Specialties

ROO5719 – Teaching Methodology in Small Groups

ROO5744 – Advanced Course in Medical Didactics



ROO 5741 – Basic Biostatistics

In addition to these, students will also be able to take disciplines from the minimum core curriculum (Methodology, Didactics, and Statistics) offered by different Graduate Programs at the Ribeirão Preto Medical School, or USP Units, or at other Teaching Institutions.

However, before taking disciplines in other USP programs or in other educational institutions, students should check the equivalence with the disciplines in our Program and submit a report including: Program of the discipline, schedule, frequency, and grade.

Minimal core curriculum disciplines (Methodology, Didactics, and Statistics) offered by other programs of the Graduate Course of the Ribeirão Preto Medical School:



RPP 5721 – Methodology and Teaching Practice in Medicine



RCA 5781 – Quantitative Methods: Basic Statistics

RCA 5782 – Statistics and Informatics

RGO 5844 – Statistics Applied to Biosciences

RMS 5734 – Quantitative Methods