1. Area of concentration 17150 – Pathophysiological Mechanisms of the Visual and Audio-Vestibular Systems

1.1 Lines of research: Anatomophysiopathology of the Audio-Vestibular System and its Connections


  • Epidemiological, pathophysiological, and therapeutic aspects related to deafness.
  • Peripheral constraints of oculomotricity.
  • Hearing plasticity in patients with cochlear implants.

1.2. Lines of research: Anatomophysiopathology and Therapeutics of the Anterior and Posterior Segments of the Eye


  • Optical and tissue changes related to phacoemulsification.
  • Angiogenesis of vascular diseases in the eyeball.
  • Diagnostic, pathophysiological, and therapeutic evaluation of the posterior segment of the eye.
  • Pathophysiological and therapeutic evaluation of the lacrimal gland and ocular surface.
  • Inflammatory and tissue remodeling factors in the anterior segment of the eye.

1.3. Lines research: Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Sensory Disabilities


  • Bio-pathogenic agents and visual loss.
  • Nosological conditions and low visual community.
  • Immunogenic factors of eye diseases.
  • Investigation of conditioning factors for blindness. 


2. Area of Concentration: 17151 - Morphophysiology of Facial Structure Lines of Research

2.1. Lines of research: Morphofunctional Aspects of the temporomandibular complex


  • Influence of obstructive sleep apnea on facial morphophysiology and quality of life.
  • Innovative invasive approaches in craniofacial conditions.
  • Anthropometry of the face by image.
  • Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy of oral sensory-motor disorders.
  • Aerodigestive morphological and functional evaluation.
  • Quantitative assessment of voice.
  • Measurement of eyelid dynamics.

2.2. Lineas of research: Pathophysiology of Upper Airway Diseases


  • Pathophysiological and therapeutic evaluation of the upper airways diseases.


2.3. Lineas of research: Pathophysiology of Head and Neck Neoplasms


  • Diagnostic and molecular aspects of the head and neck diseases.

Updated in 01/09/2022